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We create the world we see. It can be negative, or it can be positive, and we tend to act the way that we think other people are acting. After all, we all want to fit in with our peers, right? (This is true for adults as well as teens.) But often what we perceive is different from reality. Get REAL is designed to use facts to correct misperceptions and paint perhaps a different view of your world than what you thought. It is used to bring attention to issues of serious matters, and sometimes it uses a little bit of humor to get the point across.

We have created fact sheets and posters to use in your schools. Some of the facts show national statistics, and some are specific to states in the Northern Lights Youth Services region. We will be constantly updating these as new information becomes available.

Be creative with the use of these materials, and don’t forget to share new ideas for using them with us.

Fact Sheets, Posters, & Other Materials