On the Northern Lights Pulse Podcast, hosts Peter and Rachael will be discussing the tough issues that face teens and young adults today. They will be bringing in their own personal experiences, as well as talking with professionals and other guests in the areas that they are tackling. The podcast will be hard hitting at times, but we will also be having some fun as well. The podcast is meant to be a conduit for stories to be told, and information to be shared, so if you have a story or a topic that you would like to talk about, please contact us!

Below is a list of the episodes that can currently be found on Anchor. You can also find our podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and several other services.

Future Episodes

Coming Soon!

  • Episode 31: Bullying
  • Episode 32: Making Friends
  • Episode 33: Time Management Tips
  • Episode 34: Eating Disorders
  • Episode 35: Climate Change
  • Episode 36: Good Decision Making Skills
  • Episode 37: The Science of Hope
  • Episode 38: Toxic Positivity
  • Episode 39: Making "Waves"
  • Episode 40: Stress, Depression, and Anxiety, What’s the Difference?

We would like your input on the topics that we discuss. Please contact us with your suggestions.