students embracing each other

Northern Lights Youth Services has developed unique programs you won’t find anywhere else in the country. These programs are meant to spread awareness of the issues that are important, and they can be used in the schools or the greater community. One aspect of NLYS and Northern Lights Pulse that we strive to promote is the idea of community involvement. This can happen in a number of ways, and a great place to start is by the utilization of these programs. View the pages below for more information, and check back often as we continue to develop and update these programs.

Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes is a means by which youth groups can develop a plan to identify an issue of importance and implement strategies to raise awareness—on the topic of your choosing—and bring forth a call to action.

Reality Check

Reality Check is the flagship program developed by Northern Lights Youth Services for use by youth groups and schools. It is peer-to-peer education on prevention-related topics.


Get REAL features state-specific and national statistics regarding alcohol use, sexual activity, traffic safety issues, and other messages. The core of the program is the use of statistical sheets, or “factoids”, which are used to get positive messages out to students.

We Have Pulse

We Have Pulse is a new program being designed for the Northern Lights Pulse initiative. It is about understanding and respecting yourself, as well as reaching out and having a positive impact on the people around you.